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Terms and Conditions of the "Pension Altbriesnitz"

1. General

  • Reservations by phone are only room requests and are not binding.

  • Binding reservations are confirmed from us per E-Mail.

  • The Pension is open Monday to Saturday from 12.00 to 19.00 o'clock. On Sundays- and Holidays the pension is open 9.00 to 12.00 and 19.00 to 22.00 o'clock.

  • If you arrive not at time, the reservation obtains as "not arrived". In this case the booked room canbe carried on.

  • At bookings up to 2 night the Pension can, if it is necessary, booked Double rooms change in 2-Bed-rooms (or vice versa) or Double rooms change in 3- or 4-bed-rooms, although this was confirmed otherwise.

  • All information under the button "Prices" and "Quick Overview" are part of this Terms and Conditions.

2. Cancelation conditions

  • The toll-free cancellation limit ends one day before the number of days booked multiplied by the reserved rooms prior to arrival (eg you have booked 2 rooms for 3 days. The free cancellation then ends 2x3 + 1 = 7 business days prior to your arrival.) However, at least one week prior to arrival. For group bookings (3 rooms), this cancellation period shall be extended by a further 8 business days.
  • Our house shall guarantee the activities mentioned on our website or in the brochure. You can book up to the toll-free cancellation limit (see above) change (if it is technically possible booking) or Cancel free of charge. Thereafter, at non-payment of advance payments (for group bookings), changes, cancellations, asked the emerging revenue invoiced at not with complete coverage or non-arrival, early departure or non-acceptance of the rooms. A refund will not occur. For group reservation ends our booking confirmation when the invoice amount is not (as) received up to the date of cancellation toll-free limit *). We recommend a travel cancellation insurance.

3. Payment

  • The payment has to be in cash (no credit cards or foreign cheques) from the guest or the client (signature on the booking):
  • for 1 night, at your arrival, for up to 1 week, on the evening before your departure (until 8 pm.), for more than 1 week, weekly on the beginning of the week.

  • at the desired cashless payment, the booking costs are to be paid into the account of the Pension 14 days prior to arrival *).

  • for corporate clients and guests without a valid German ID Card payment is due upon arrival.

  • for groups (3 rooms or more) a prepayment to the free cancellation limit *) is required. This also applies when paying by not arriving customer.

4. Liability

  • The Pension is not responsible for on our yard free parked vehicles and other things.
  • Guests are liable for damage and damage to the Pension Scheme, which are caused by improper, negligent or intentional acts.

5. Acceptance

  • The jurisdiction is Dresden.
  • If there is any dispute, the German jurisdiction applies.
  • Any changes to bookings must be in writing effectively.
  • The terms and conditions are accepted by sending the binding reservation by pressing the appropriate button.

the invoice amount must be received on account of the recipient.

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