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Saxony's sandstone mountains, which are better known as the 'Saxon Switzerland' because of their unique beauty, consist of a 400-m-high sandstone slab that has been eroded by the Elbe and other rivers during the centuries leaving impressive sandstone formations. The most remarkable rocks (e.g. Lilienstein, K√∂nigstein and Bastei) have got a large flat and horizontal top. Since the rock walls rise almost vertically, a special kind of climbing (without hooks or ladders) was developed here. Especially popular with tourists is the Bastei region with its famous Elbe valley view. The fortress on the K√∂nigstein is very recommendable, too. Romantic hiking tours to robber baron forts restore you into medieval times. More information:

Distance: to health resort Rathen about 34 km

You reach the Saxon Switzerland with :

  • the regional train in about 50 min

  • the Elbe-steamboat in about 4 h

  • the car in about 40 min

  • the bicycle (along the Elbe) in about 3 h

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